A Boy And His Thoughts

Toilet Boy

It is so funny what the boy thinks is awesome. He loves WWE, skateboarding, Star Wars, Xbox, Sponge Bob, YouTube, Roblox, and Happy Meals. I don’t think there is anything that comes out of that kid’s mouth that doesn’t either make me laugh, smile or completely melt my heart.

This morning while I was getting around, he walks into my bedroom and says, “Mom, I can wipe my own butt now and I am a good reader.” 

That had me busting up laughing. It amazes me how his brain works and how he categorizes things.

It is true though. He can wipe his own butt now and is a good reader.

Bragging moment:
Yesterday when we received his report card, there was a slip of paper included that stated he is a Star reader and reading at a 2.3-3.3 level. He is in first grade, but he can read anywhere from a second grade third semester to a third grade third semester.

That makes me so happy because I didn’t enjoy reading until my adulthood and to know he is good at it and somewhat enjoys it is an excellent start for his education.

I try to place how he became so advanced in his reading abilities. He did attend preschool and did well in Kindergarten. My guess is it’s my awesome parenting skills and allowing him hours upon hours on the iPad. (Insert sarcastic tone here.) But it is probably because he has such an amazing school and wonderful teachers.

Now for the butt wiping part, we’ll give daddy the credit for that one.