The Annoying Shirt Mishap

There it is….you see it sticking out like a sore thumb. You try not to look at it, but you can’t help but stare with the corner of your eye. (Cue dramatic music) You have a snag in your shirt.

Don’t you just hate that? I mean you have this shirt you’ve been rocking for awhile and you know you look good in it and one day BAM you catch the sleeve on something and you get the annoying, unfixable in most cases, snag.

It seems to glare at you as it grows with each move of your arm. You want to pull the sucker back into its place, but the knit fabric won’t allow it. With a deep sigh, you wave your white flag in surrender to the annoying snag.

Goodbye dear shirt… will be missed.


Stranded On A Lonely Deserted Island. What Five Things Do You Think You Would Need To Ensure Survival?

deserted island


I have a random question for you. If you were stuck on a deserted island and could only take five things with you, what would they be?

Here are my five things.

  1. My husband. He could make me shelter, hunt food, and keep me warm at night.
  2. My Bible. It’s the only book I never get sick of reading.
  3. My sunglasses. I love the outdoors, but gotta look cool.
  4. Pen and paper. I need this to write all my stories and adventures down.
  5. Bandaids. I’ve seen the show Naked and Afraid, you can get some serious boo boos on an deserted island.

Some might be thinking, why wouldn’t you want to bring your kids? Are you crazy? All they would do is whine that they don’t have their cell phone and that they are hot and hungry. They can stay with grandma. If I am going to be stuck on an island, I ain’t listening to anyone whining but me.

For fun, let me know the five things you would bring. I love hearing all the cool and crazy ideas from across the world.




Blogging 101~ Who I am & Why I’m Here

blogging 101

I have started a new class on blogging, which might seem sort of odd since I have been blogging on and off for a couple years now. My philosophy, never stop learning, so I am officially taking Blogging 101.

My first assignment is to post about who I am and why am I here. Well, my name is Dee Dee. I am an Aries, like long walks on the beach and candlelight dinners.

Yeah right. First of all, I live in Kansas so there are no beaches, I have three kids, so no time for candlelight dinners and the only true statement from above is I am an Aries.

I am a mother of three humans, married to one good lookin’ guy, two cats away from being considered a crazy cat lady, and work in advertising. I love WWE and the Denver Broncos. (P.S. – they won tonight.) I believe in God and that I can make everything I see on Pinterest.

The reason I am here is kind of a cool story. Ever since I was a young girl, I can remember always writing in my diary, poetry and stories. I can even remember the titles of my first poems I wrote. I typed them out on a typewriter.(For you young readers, if you are not sure what a typewriter is, go ahead and Google that.)  My mom stills has them and sometimes my sister likes to get them out and read them. Makes my kids laugh. The titles were very simple. One was called “The Meadow” and the other “The Mirror.” I was a very deep 10-year-old.

Back in 2013 I wanted to start sharing positive information with my Facebook friends. At the time I was working for a church and was sadden by all the jacked up stuff in our world. I thought a little positivity every day would not only brighten someone’s outlook, but help me smile too.

Originally, my blog was called, “On My Nugget.” It was simply a chance for me to write and express myself in a form I love, but it never had a certain direction or a mission. Then one day, a good friend of mine had noticed I hadn’t been posting any positivity on Facebook. She wrote me, “Hey girl, where’s my morning mojo?” Immediately a light bulb went off and I realized positivity is important and needed. And that is how Morning Mojo was born. However, the story gets even crazier.

I finally felt like I had a clear direction and goal for what I wanted Morning Mojo to become. I wanted to share joy, God, inspiration ~ all that stuff we lack in society. And three days after I changed the name over to Morning Mojo, my middle daughter was diagnosed with leukemia. What the heck, right?

For a while Morning Mojo became more of a documentary of our experience dealing with cancer and life during that rough season. I thought about changing Morning Mojo into something else, but I figured one day I will be able to use this blog as I seen it in the beginning. And I have to admit, Morning Mojo is a freakin’ cool name.

So yeah, that is who I am and why I’m here. I love to write. It is my creative outlet and a way I express myself. I could honestly do it for a living. I look forward to Blogging 101 and meeting all the new people.

And just incase you were wondering, my daughter, she is doing wonderful. She is in remission and is done with chemo in April. You can read some of her story and my thoughts on here.