Negative Road

Negative PeopleThis morning as I was driving into work there were two cars ahead of me. I couldn’t help but notice the car directly in front of me, the driver was throwing his hands up like he was irritated. That’s when I realized we weren’t traveling fast. The driver in front of me was upset because he couldn’t pass and he must have been in some kind of hurry. After a few more hand raises and some bobs of the head, the anxious driver could get around the speed limit abiding citizen and floor it down the road. As speed-racer passed, he gave a nice gesture and was gone. What a great way for those two people to start their day. One all pissed off and the other insulted for driving the speed limit.

It is easier to find the negative in situations than seeing the positive. When things don’t go our way, we immediately start to complain and gripe, not even blinking an eye. From being angry at the fast food restaurant putting onions on your burger, even though you specifically said, “No onions.” to being annoyed at your child for constantly leaving their backpack right in the pathway of the front door. Looking at the negative side of our situations seems to be our default setting.

You Can’t Litter Negativity Everywhere Then Wonder Why You Have A Trashy Life

I wonder why it is our nature to focus on the negative, instead of embracing the positive?  Was it the way we were raised? Is it the people we associate with? Perhaps it’s because we can’t catch a break and nothing in our life ever goes our way? I have no idea, but I do know negativity spreads like the plague and attaches itself to the people around us.

The older I get, the more I see myself picking and choosing the situations I allow myself to get “butt hurt” over. I guess you could say I am maturing, not being bothered by the trivial things. For example, my experience from earlier today. Instead of the angry driver getting all upset because the person in front of him as driving slower than he would like, he could have kept calm and waited for the opportunity to pass, enjoying the beautiful trees that hung over the road. I know I noticed them this morning. Instead, his negative attitude most likely trickled over to the innocent driver when he gave her the “bird.” I just hope that didn’t ruin her day and I sure hope that guy’s attitude improved or better yet, got a ticket.

We all need to stop being negative over stupid, little issues. Life is too short and just because negativity might be knocking on your door, that doesn’t mean you have to open it.