Communication – WTH, TBH, IMHO


The classes I loved in college were communication focused. I loved learning about verbal and nonverbal communication. Encoding and decoding. Body language. I was super jazzed to give my demonstration speech in front of my classmates. Public speaking was awesome and I was the first to raise my hand to talk. And don’t even get me started on written communication. So….freaking…!

I dabbled in the radio world for a few years and was sucked into the hype of speaking to listeners across the corner of four states. What a fantastic way to communicate. Someone calls in and I pretend to really care about dedicating a song to their girlfriend who just broke up with them. Then I open the mic, say a little spill. The end. Now that I think about it, radio was an early form of social media. You had tons of followers (listeners) who you would never meet. (With the few exceptions of the crazy, stalker listener who randomly show up at the station to chat.) Eek!

My radio days.

I do use my communication skills every day in my career. Working in the advertising world, you have to be able to communicate a message to someone that motivates them to purchase your product. Create a problem someone didn’t know they had then turn around and provided them with a solution to the problem. That’s basically marketing 101. You’re welcome.

Throughout my day I have multiple conversations going on at any given time. From discussing a radio spot for one client to deciding what SEO search terms we want to use for a digital campaign for another, (brag time….I have a great team I work with to help keep me on track. Hugs DeeAnna and BCC folks.) I have to be able to focus and shift directions at a moments notice and be able to communicate effectively.


Total side note: Where in the world did proper phone etiquette go? It is like no one understands how to communicate over the phone, it’s all emails and text messages. And resumes? I can’t believe people actually write like they text on a job application. I think the technical term is SMS shorthand.  Srsly? OMG! SMH. IMHO. IDK? IKR? LOL! BRB.  Who does that? If my professor, Les Anderson, were still here he would be going crazy. And just so you know, those are the type of applications I send right to the trash. If you can’t take the extra three minutes to write out complete words and sentences, I don’t want to work with you. (It is totally cool if you have to Google the text abbreviations to know what they mean. I had too.)

Ok back to the topic.  How we communicate with one another has changed but communication is still one of the most valuable assets we have. Think about not being able to order your favorite meal in the drive-thru? Or telling your doctor you have a throbbing pain in your foot. Or sweet talk your way out of a speeding ticket? Not being able to communicate would suck!

Whelp, that is really all I have for now. I have to feed my son. Apparently, he is going to starve to death if I don’t heat up his pizza within the next five minutes.  WTH? LOL.

Love, peace and hair grease ~ Deeds.

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