A Mother’s Day Thank You


It’s Mother’s Day. The time of year we lift the women who birthed, fed, wiped, burped, trained, hugged, cared, and loved us.

We sing praises to the incredible one who carried us around for nine months dealing with aches, pains, heartburn, swollen ankles, puking and wearing pants with no flipping buttons.

We salute the women who thought they were signing up to “just be” mom, but also got hit with the role of, doctor, play date, chef, housekeeper, referee, therapist, and entertainer. Oh and let’s not forget Taxi, ATM, and project manager. (Who else keeps everyone’s activities organized?)

We recognize the women who taught us right from wrong and don’t touch that – it’s hot! And told us that kindness, love, and respect are important, and we witnessed it in action as we would watch mom show kindness, love, and respect to others.

We apologize for those few years we thought we knew everything and you were so dumb and stupid and when we stopped giving you hugs and kisses goodnight and never wanted to be around because we thought our friends were more important.

We thank you for always having our backs, allowing us to stay out just a little longer than curfew, and cutting the crust off the bread. Thank you for making sure we had clean underwear, clean sheets, and clean dishes. For not beating us to death when we would get sassy and talk back or “forget” to take out the trash even after you mentioned it a million times.

We are in awe by the incredible force you are. You had loved us before you knew us. You prayed continually and fearlessly for our safety, health, minds, actions and future. You found blessing in our successes and experience sadness in our failures. You were always there.

Please don’t ever think your hard work and dedication was in vain. You are the backbone of ours lives; shaping us into part of the person we are today.

Mom’s are rock stars!

To all the mom’s biological, step, adopted – Happy Mother’s Day!

3 thoughts on “A Mother’s Day Thank You

  1. Love this! Now I have children of my own, I completely understand a mother’s love. I used to wonder if my mum knew how much I loved & appreciated her. Now I realise that loving your children unconditionally, being there for them when they need you, giving them space and time to grow, seeing them develop into who they want to be is what a mother’s love is all about 🙂

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