I Write Because…..Day One Of Everyday Inspiration


writerI am taking this online daily inspiration class to help me get back in the saddle of writing. One would think if you love writing, it will come easy, right? Sadly, that is not the case.

Just like anything we like to do, sometimes we get burnt out. I like to compare it to running. If you don’t keep running every day, you will lose your stamina; it will get harder. Then you might only run a couple of times a week. You start to feel guilty because you aren’t running much anymore. Before you know it, it’s been four months since you put on your running shoes. You have to start over to get to where you once were. That is where I am in my writing. Blowing the dust off my keyboard, cracking my knuckles and starting from square one.

I just received my first writing assignment, and it is fittingly asking. “Why Do I Write?” It is a fantastic question allowing me to dig deep inside myself to ask, why? I can remember as a kid writing in my diary. I would write about my hopes and dreams. Who I liked and who I didn’t like. Crushes would come and go. That seemed to be a major writing source at the time, boys. I had this typewriter my mom would let me play with. I would type poems so inspiring William Shakespear would have been moved. Well in the mind of an 8-year-old girl they seemed to be powerful. Reading them now, I get a good laugh with a twinge of embarrassment, thanks to my sister.

When I truly look deep into my spirit on why I love to write it stems back to 3rd grade. I had just changed schools, and I had Mrs. Callahan. I loved Mrs. Callahan. I wasn’t good at math; I didn’t give a rip about science. Art wasn’t so bad except I couldn’t draw my way out of a paper bag. I was just along for the ride until the day Mrs. Callahan changed my whole view on school. It was a lesson on limericks. You know the short and funny little sentences in the AABBA pattern? I was hooked.

There once was a girl named Sue,
She didn’t know what to do,
So she took out her pen,
Started writing again,
Now she wasn’t so blue.

The last seven years or so I have got back on the writing wagon. I write radio commercials and advertising copy as part of my job. And I enjoy it, but the main reason I write is that it is my way to express my thoughts and opinions without getting all tongue tied and flustered.

Writing is my outlet. I can write my feeling on paper much easier than expressing them with spoken words. It’s like my brain doesn’t function unless I am writing things down. Morning Mojo started in December 2013 as a way to share positive, encouraging and spiritual thoughts. Then two days later, without warning, life threw a curve ball. My middle daughter had leukemia. So the purpose of my blog sort of wears many hats. Morning Mojo is my place to vent, share my fears and struggles, inform and discuss random topics and ideas. And of course, a place to share some serious, awesome mojo, in the hope readers feel inspired, realizing we are all pretty freakin’ messed up

10 thoughts on “I Write Because…..Day One Of Everyday Inspiration

  1. I write to express myself and I write to remember big vacations. I sometimes have to write things I honestly don’t want to write, which would be some college papers. I find writing to be a way to deal with stress. Back in elementary school, I was a storyteller and on the way to school, I would always tell my dad a story. When I took this class last summer, this assignment was fascinating.

      1. I only enjoy writing papers for things that I am passionate about. Last semester, I wrote a 22 page paper applying a social theory to the struggle of being homeless and being American. To make an A, it had to be 21 pages and I got a 100.

        Another enjoyable paper was when I took Technology and American Society. My paper focused on Les Mis, a musical I am passionate about, and it focused on its journey from book to stage to movie musical.

        But there are those papers that I honestly didn’t even enjoy writing at all. Now, it is Finals week. This semester, didn’t have to write any big papers. Two of my least favorite papers to write were biblical analysis. I go to to a Christian school and it was required to take both Old and New Testament and had to analyze a piece of scripture and drove me nuts.

        I tend to take advantage of the writing center when it comes to writing papers. I love college, but Finals and writing papers are two of my least favorite things about college

      2. I would enjoy the New Testament class, but some of the Old Testament is boring. I was the same way in school. If the topic was something I enjoyed it was great. If not….I struggled.

  2. Lovely! I started that series as well, but haven’t finished because carving out time every day has been a struggle. So right now, it’s just an exercise for me. 🙂 Looking forward to reading more.

    1. Time is a struggle for me as well. Being pulled in so many different directions doesn’t leave room for things like this. I completely understand. ❤️ I look forward to reading yours too.

  3. I completely relate to your post on so many levels. Sometimes we do the things we love so much that we start to place high expectations on ourselves on how perfectly or often we should be doing them. I find there’s a fine line between doing things I’m passionate about so fervently to burnout point as you say and knowing how and when to pace myself so I still genuinely enjoy doing them. All the best with getting back into your love of writing 🙂

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