It Is…..

It hurts. It hurts when you discover someone you love is fake.

It stings. It stings when you start to see all the lies.

It’s crushing. It’s crushing to my spirit when all the dishonesty came to light.

It burns. It burns my soul to realize I have been played for a fool.

It is sad. It is sad that selfishness has taken control.

It is heartbreaking. It is  heartbreaking to accept our relationship will never be the same.

It is hard. It is hard not seeing you almost everyday.


It is  ok. It’s ok because now I know what has been going on.

It is  time. It is time to move on and stop making you center of attention.

It is motivating. It is motivating to me to be a better person to the ones I love.

It is important. It is important to understand that I am not your friend.

It is my job. It is my job to make sure you aren’t a jerk, liar, thief, and low-life.


You can hate me. And it is ok. It is ok because you hate me I know I am doing something right.






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