Time Change Dilemma and Random Stuff

It is daylight savings time. It’s Sunday morning at 4:14am. No, wait, I’m sorry, 3:14am. I am already starting this time change on the wrong foot. We are supposed to gain an hour of sleep, but I am not sleeping at all.

I really don’t have much to talk about. I mean we could talk politics, but that’s lame. I am so over this election. However, I did vote early. That’s pretty cool. I do love my freedom of being able to vote.

Our family is just getting over a round of colds. Started with the hubs and worked it’s way down to the boy. It was horrible. I am pretty sure I corroded my liver because I was drinking Vitamin C every hour on the hour. And taking Sudafed. The good stuff. The kind you have to show your ID to get because Walgreens wants to track you so you aren’t’ making meth.  I blew my nose so much, it became raw.

Well, another cat has found its way to our home. I swear, the word on the street in the feline world has to be, “If you are looking for some food and a warm place, hit up the Barons on Virginia Rd.” His name is Ryan the Friendly Lion. The boy got to name him. He is yellow and white. He is pretty cute. Someone must have dumped him or he is lost. But I like him so he can stay as long as he likes.

Had a great win at the workplace this week. We put on a marketing summit for our customers to help them boost their brand awareness and business in 2017. I was super nervous because I missed so much work due to that cold the week of. But I know I work in a fantastic place when some else picked up the slack.

I am actually going to finish the laundry today. I have two loads left. Actually, the dryer just went off. I haven’t been the best about keeping the laundry up lately. Actually, there are a lot of things I haven’t been so good at. But today was a productive day. I feel a bit more organized and tidy. When everything has a place, I have a smile on my face. LOL!

(Yawn) I am finally getting sleepy. I will close for now. God bless and get up a vote!


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