A Little Bit of Mojo

Encouragement for today: I know we all, at some point, feel we just aren’t good enough. We struggle with insecurities, peer pressure, society telling us we aren’t pretty. Worrying if you are doing ok at parenting or your job. Wondering how you are going to pay the bills. 
On top of all that we struggle with the feeling of letting God down because we once again failed. It just seems to be a vicious cycle. 
I read a passage today that brought comfort to my insecurities and feelings of failure. 
“If we are unfaithful, He remains faithful. He can’t deny who He is.” 2 Timothy 2:13. 
Always remember when we screw up. And we will. When we fail to do our part, God remains faithful and never stops doing His. Don’t get discouraged or feel unworthy when you mess up. Those types of thoughts come straight from the devil. Have peace knowing God will always be with you, remaining faithful. It’s one of the things He promised us. And God doesn’t break his promises. 

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