May Is Here…..


150772_10150720667426623_513646622_9895748_688359103_nHappy May!!

I can not believe it is already May. Seems like yesterday I was posting about Christmas. Here in Kansas, it doesn’t feel too much like May. It’s chilly and I am all bundled up.

I like May because so many cool things happen. Graduations, weddings, promotions, and of course the kick-off of summer. I love hanging out by the pool, walking to Slushy Hut with the kiddos, and catching lightning bugs at dusk.

This May we are watching Madison attend her first prom and finish her first year of college classes. She is only a junior in high school, but she has already completed some college classes. I am so proud of her. She is definitely off to a fantastic start in life.

Mallorie will be promoting to high school. Hard to believe my little stubborn, bull-headed kid is going into 9th grade. Also this month, we will be celebrating here completion of chemo. It’s only fitting for her to be starting a new school and leaving cancer behind.

Logan will be finished with first grade. He is so smart and kind. The boy is a fantastic reader and I find him to be very creative. I look forward to all the wonderful things in store for him.

One of the highlights of the summer is on June 7th, we will be going to WWE SmackDown. I can not wait! The hubs bought me tickets for my birthday last month. He is the best!

That’s just a little glimpse of what is up in my world. I hope your world is going just the way you want.

Have a blessed day!

Dee Dee


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