Mini Mojo Post – How Do You Deal With Losing?

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Losing stinks. No one likes to be the last to cross the finish line.

How do you deal with losing?

For me, it totally depends on the situation. If my Bronco’s lose a game or my favorite WWE wrestler loses his match, I am bummed, but I can sleep just fine. But if it is something to do with my family or work, I tend to carry that around with me for days at a time.

I am curious how you handle such situations. Please leave me a comment.


6 thoughts on “Mini Mojo Post – How Do You Deal With Losing?

  1. I love the blackboard message! As to what I might say on handling losing/disappointment; first make sure you really SHOULD care. A friend has a saying: Not My Circus; Not My Monkeys. I wrote a piece on that:

    When it really matters, the same saying applies…kind of. So many things are out my control, I often forget just how long that list is. For example, I have a daughter who, after a Christian upbringing, announced to us rather acidly that she no longer believes in that crap. Then she start living with a fairly militant atheist. We live a full day’s drive apart, so it isn’t like we can talk to her face to face very easily.

    Even when we did drive up for a visit and tried to raise the subject, what a violent reaction! She’s a grown woman, out of college, with good job. Despite that fact that she’s our daughter, the fact that we “lost” this round to Satan is out of our control. I still think about how we can try to broach the subject again sometime, but the first thing to recognize is “Not My Circus…”

    PRAYER, my dear, should be the first resort, not the last. I can’t ground her, spank her (well, I could, but…), flip a switch somewhere. Pray first. Pray for God to give her ears to His call to return. Pray that her…boyfriend…will hear that call too. Pray that God directs our next attempt to talk to her about this meets with a less violent response.

    Prayer; the first response, no matter the magnitude of the loss, no matter how close to your soul. Pray for the loss/lost, pray for direction on how to play a part in His plan to turn it into a win.

      1. Oh, no! Thank you! I think your mojo rubbed off onto me a bit. I just finished reworking this a bit into my next posting! If not for your post and your extremely important question…nothing. So thank you for your contributions to our blogging community! Valued and appreciated! I always check you for your next article, so keep it up!

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