My Monthly Memories: February


Monthly Memories 

February has been a crazy month. I started a new job and absolutely love it.

It is hard to believe that about a month ago I was devasted about getting laid off. And now I am learning so many new things in the HVAC industry, plus getting to use my marketing skills. It’s a total win.

I also realized that I am now in a place of employment which actually values and respects my knowledge and opinion. It has boosted my self-esteem and taken my career to a whole other level.


Before I was laid off, I really thought I had the best job on the planet. That is why I took it so hard when I was let go. The problem with me is the people I work with become like family and it hurt not being part of that family anymore.

However, this experience made me realized when the unexpected happens it doesn’t mean the outcome will be awful. It could mean something fantastic is in store.

I am thankful for this learning experience and look forward to many years at my new job.




5 thoughts on “My Monthly Memories: February

  1. To borrow a quote I saw on another blog, “if the door doesn’t open, it isn’t yours.” One door closes. You knock on more till you get to the one that will open. THAT’s what God had in mind for you. Sometimes it’s a LOOOOONG corridor of doors, but we do get there. Glad it went so well for you!

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