A Valentine’s Day Tribute



This Valentine’s Day I wanted to give my husband something special. But since funds are tight around the Baron Homestead, I wasn’t sure what to do to let him know he is amazing. He always says how much he loves reading my post, so today’s Morning Mojo is dedicated to my rock and love of my life, Rob.

Ever since I was a little girl, I have dreamt of finding my mate. Someone I can grow old with and share my fears and desires. And though we didn’t find each other first, I am so grateful and honored to be your last.

These past eight years have been full of extreme highs and lowest of lows, but even with all that the world threw at us, we stood united as one cohesive unit.

You have loved my girls like they were your own. Together we were blessed with a son. You’ve tolerated my love (possible obsession) for cats. Put up with my crazy urges to redecorate the house and do a pretty good job picking up the slack when I get super stressed out.

You provide.
You love.
You make me laugh.
You give the best hugs.

You are truly my best friend. You love me completely. You tell me every day how beautiful I am. And because of your constant affection and love, I finally feel that beauty.

You make the best cup of coffee.
You have the prettiest blue eyes.
You protect.
You sacrifice.

I notice when you go without. You put me and our family first. I don’t take that for granted.

You’re funny.
You’re handsome.
You’re my rock.
You keep me level headed.

I love that you think I can do just about anything. I am honored to be your wife and lover. Proud to be the shoulder you lean on and the arms to hold you.

Thank you for loving me. Thanks for being my Valentine for another year.


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