A walk with Faith. Or a walk by faith?

What a great way to see cancer through someone’s journey.

fonzandcancer blogging to encourage.

My whole journey has been a walk by faith really, a walk by faith being; my walk believing without seeing that God would provide the tools I needed to get through the Cancer journey. As I was sat there today, I realised that if I did not get a move on I would just have to do our normal walk that me and Faith do. ( faith is our dog ) I wanted to take her somewhere different today. Somewhere neither of us had been. So I had to neglect my blog today, I have been working hard reaching out to as many people as possible while I have been recovering. The pain in my legs is horrendous sometimes, so pain killers downed and off we went to parblold hill and walk by a stream. Here are some pictures I took whilst we walked.

As I walked through the woods…

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