Stranded On A Lonely Deserted Island. What Five Things Do You Think You Would Need To Ensure Survival?

deserted island


I have a random question for you. If you were stuck on a deserted island and could only take five things with you, what would they be?

Here are my five things.

  1. My husband. He could make me shelter, hunt food, and keep me warm at night.
  2. My Bible. It’s the only book I never get sick of reading.
  3. My sunglasses. I love the outdoors, but gotta look cool.
  4. Pen and paper. I need this to write all my stories and adventures down.
  5. Bandaids. I’ve seen the show Naked and Afraid, you can get some serious boo boos on an deserted island.

Some might be thinking, why wouldn’t you want to bring your kids? Are you crazy? All they would do is whine that they don’t have their cell phone and that they are hot and hungry. They can stay with grandma. If I am going to be stuck on an island, I ain’t listening to anyone whining but me.

For fun, let me know the five things you would bring. I love hearing all the cool and crazy ideas from across the world.




19 thoughts on “Stranded On A Lonely Deserted Island. What Five Things Do You Think You Would Need To Ensure Survival?

  1. 1 my wife, an enormous motorboat, extra fuel, plenty of food and water. wait, is that 5? Oh wait, I presume the object is like Gilligan’s island you don’t get off the island? OK. 1) my wife. 2) food 3) water 4) a bookbag including the Bible, and others if allowed, and 5) a swiss army knife because tools.

  2. You have come up with some great ideas, definitely, I would have my husband, the main reason would be to keep me warm he has a very hot body, my laptop, not that that’s going to be much good on a lonely deserted island, also clean water, nice to have some clothes, like you sunglasses are a great idea, but I don’t know that that would make me look cool. A camera would be nice, there would be some wonderful underwater creatures to take photos of. Think I will leave it as that, let’s hope we never need to do this, but you never know.

  3. I have a hard time deciding! But then again I can’t even pack lightly for a weekend getaway. But for the fun of it here go my 5:

    1. My Husband (he always carries a knife, lets hope he does when we get stranded) 2. Water (unlimited supply I hope) 3. First aid kit that included sunscreen & bug spray 4. Pack of cards 5. And a case of whisky.. Or since it’s an Island some Rum!! 🏝

  4. My 3 things since I’m always prepared. 1 my Bug out Bag with its contents, 2 My ESEE 6 knife and a life size silicone love doll.

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