Is Applying For A Job On-line Really Better Than Back In The Day Of Just Walking In For A Job Application?




A week ago I got laid off. This is the first time I have ever been without a job since I started working 16 years ago. It is starting to drive me crazy and I am becoming concerned because I need funds to keep rolling in. I have been applying to places like crazy, but what I’ve noticed is I submit my resume for a job and it seems to get sucked into the abyss.

Where does my resume go? Who gets it? How do I even know it was received?

I don’t?

What ever happened to the good ol’ fashioned get dressed up and hand deliver your resume to potential employers? What happened to the face-to-face? The personal interaction? When you would walk into a place, request an application, fill it out and nine times out of 10, be hired right on the spot. Where did that go?

It’s all done on-line.

I am not a hater on technology. I truly do embrace it. In my skill set, I use and rely on it every day. But I can’t help but wonder what would happen if I decided to go all old school and just started hitting up companies for a job by walking in, asking for the hiring manager, and handing them my resume?

Do you guys have any thoughts? What is your experience when searching for a job? Need some insight cause Momma gots to get paid.

Have a blessed day!



22 thoughts on “Is Applying For A Job On-line Really Better Than Back In The Day Of Just Walking In For A Job Application?

  1. Impatience can be a stumbling block. This might be an opportunity to try a field you’d never considered?
    If you have a bible and are into prayer open the book of Psalms & also read a Proverb a day. Are you familiar with Ephesians 6:12?

  2. I went through a spate of this cyber job inquiry not to long ago. Nothing! Vapour. Hmmmph.
    I sent off a really crappy resume for a position I didn’t care too highly about. I really liked the boss though. I got a return phone call, interview, and several call backs. Finally I just asked a friend. Bingo! There’s no rhyme or reason to this stuff.
    The only takeaway I had from the whole adventure was the more excited I was about the prospect of the job I was applying for, the greater the chance of a response. It was if I was telepathically signalling to the hiring manager my true feelings every time I hit send.

  3. “Temping” is how I landed what I considered my first real job and it’s how I met Jenny. Check out the blog post I wrote about, “Jenny: A radiant legacy.”

  4. I don’t know what your area is, so that may make a diff. Either way, I encourage you to try the “old-fashioned” approach, as the pendulum might be swinging back. Plus, use ALL your contacts to get the word out that you are on the market.

  5. I agree, applying for a job and going through the interview process is a massive undertaking these days. I’m not convinced that the point’s system really works in highlighting the best person for a position. I see so many examples of people in the wrong jobs!

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