From Random to Unique to Deep, Find Out What An Awesome Kansas Lady Believes In

Hay-BalesHave you ever thought about what you believe in? I believe the sky is blue and the grass is green. I believe good trumps evil, love always wins, and forgive but don’t forget.

What else to I believe in? I believe in miracles. I believe in hope. I believe in faith. I believe in God.

Let’s see what other things I believe in? I believe WWE is real. I believe the Broncos are the best football team in the NFL. I still believe in Santa Claus. I believe you can never have too many cats.

I believe it is what is on the inside that counts. Looks will fade, but true inner beauty doesn’t. I believe in working hard and being humble. I believe you can never own too many pairs of shoes, but you can own to many pairs of jeans.

I believe I am blessed. I believe I am funny. I believe I am the master of 80s music trivia. I believe I ate too much for lunch.

I believe in keeping children innocent and the elderly safe. I believe in following rules, but learned it is better to ask forgiveness than permission. I believe there is always someone out there better than me. I believe we all need hugs.

I believe lotion will keep my skin soft. I believe showers are a good thing and should not be taken for granted.

I believe in taking risks. I believe in playing it safe. I believe in trusting my instincts. I believe in second chances. I believe cancer sucks.

What do you believe in? Would love to hear yours. Leave a comment if you would like to share.

12 thoughts on “From Random to Unique to Deep, Find Out What An Awesome Kansas Lady Believes In

  1. I loved how such a short but sweet post got me thinking so deeply on what it is I truly believe in. Thanks for making me do some self reflecting! 🙂

  2. Love this post as it gets me thinking. And then praising because God is the giver of all good things -and also of those things we can’t see as good yet.
    Great challenge to find our own creed! Thank you, awesome one.

  3. I believe Clippers are the best thing that ever happened to basketball. I believe Phil Wickham is the best gospel musician of all time. I believe God is writing longest bestseller, filled with suspense, intrigue and powerful plots and I am going to be the first one to read it.

  4. I believe that beauty is an essential component of happiness, that the most powerful ministry happens outside of church walls, that show tunes are the best kind of music, and that Box Tops should never, ever be thrown away.

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