Where’s The Happy People At?


What is happiness? Have you ever stopped to think what being happy really means? Happy is defined as a feeling or showing pleasure or contentment.

I have days, sometimes weeks, where I seemed to lost my happy. Like misplacing a cell phone or car keys. You know you need them, but you just can’t find them. It’s frustrating.

I tend to worry a lot about stupid things. That steals my happiness. But the older I get, I have come to realize happiness is a choice. You chose to be happy. With the newness of 2016, I challenge you to find one good thing a day to be happy about. If you can’t think of one, you’re not thinking hard enough. Here are some examples.

Finding a parking space close to the door.

Not getting any bills in the mail.

Your kid got ready for school without any fuss or drama.

You hit every green light.

You got to take a warm shower.

You have toilet paper.

You heard your favorite song on the radio.

These are just some little things to help motivate your mind to think happy. I am curious  what makes you happy. Please leave a comment of what brings you happiness. My happiness today is we sat down and ate as a family at the table. That is rare in our home. So I am smiling from ear to ear. Now, it’s your turn.


14 thoughts on “Where’s The Happy People At?

    1. Oh….I forgot about morning coffee. I do love me some coffee first thing in the AM. Your happy just totally made me happy. And makes me want to call and speak to my mom. 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

      1. 😀 thanks! Glad to help. Gotta keep those family relationships strong, am I right?

  1. What makes me happy is reminding you to place the word *(have) somewhere within the second paragraph of this post.
    That’s semi-serious joking with you. On a more serious note, what makes me happy is realizing that all of our experiences in life are not there to make us happy, sad or otherwise, but they are bringing something to our attention that we really need to know and deal with. In this way, every experience of life is tailor made for us so that we can understand and excel. That leads to happiness in all circumstances.

    1. Lol! Your comment made me happy. And you are so true on your statement about our experiences. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Love this! I wish more people would realize happiness is 100% a choice. You could be without any material things or have experienced tragedy, it is still your choice to focus on the positive and grow with the negative. It’s easy to forget, but I try to remind myself every day. Loved the monkey & the quote too!

  3. I’m not sure ‘happy’ is ever the right word to describe a feeling, there is, arguably, always another adjective you could use that would fit better at any given time x

  4. Oh boy, I think I’m easily “happied.”
    I get it from:
    seeing pretty things
    seeing nice people
    seeing people be nice to each other
    sharing a funny chat in passing with strangers
    having the meal I make look pretty
    hearing nice things
    seeing pretty views
    smelling clean air
    guess it doesn’t take much 🙂

  5. Meeting my daughter and grandchildren at a local coffee shop made me SO happy this morning. I realized the kids, 4 & 6, are getting to the ages where we can share (almost) real conversations and enjoy being in public without the threat of tantrums. And there were no spills!

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