Christmas Blogging Challenge- My Favorite Christmas Story

Today’s blog challenge is writing my favorite Christmas story. I am trying to think back and decide if it was the year I received my first Cabbage Patch doll? I can’t forget the Christmas when my cousins and I moved the clocks up so we could open our presents?  Or the first Christmas with my oldest, Madison? It could be my first Christmas with my husband. I have so many great memories of Christmas, but two years ago, the meaning of Christmas was changed. My middle daughter, Mallorie, was diagnosed with leukemia on December 15th, 2013.

I can remember the craziness and fear during that time. She was admitted into the hospital. We wanted so badly to be out by Christmas eve. So of many wonderful friends brought her a Christmas tree. We were so blessed, blessed beyond our wildest dreams. We did get our wish and got dismissed on Christmas eve. We came home after 10 days of being in the hospital. Mallorie was so sick and looked like she was wasting away. It really but things into perspective.

We didn’t have our Christmas ham. We didn’t have family over. We didn’t get our shopping done. However, Mallorie did have enough energy to build a gingerbread house with her brother. By New Year’s Eve she was back in the hospital.  It totally sucked.Christmas

The reason why this is my favorite Christmas story is that Christmas reminded me that the presents, ham and parties aren’t what makes the season merry. It is being together, as a family, loving and cherishing each other. It is a time for reflection and peace. And the most important, making sure you got your life square in the eyes of God. This will be the first Christmas since her diagnoses that it will actually feel like an “ordinary” holiday. There will be the ham, family and presents. I am really looking forward to it.


If you would like to write in the 12 Days of Christmas, you can find the rules here.

12 Days Of Christmas Blogging

2 thoughts on “Christmas Blogging Challenge- My Favorite Christmas Story

  1. I can’t imagine having my child diagnosed with cancer. I wish the best for your family and you are in my prayers! May this Christmas bring you all much joy!

    1. Thank you. She is in remission and we only have about four months left of treatment. God has been good to us.

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