Christmas Blogging Challenge- My favorite recipe

I was asked to participate in this fun Christmas Blog Challenge. And today’s topic just happened to be about food, which turns out, I am a big fan of. So, of course I took the challenge.

As I try to think of my favorite Christmas recipe, I go back to my childhood. I haven’t thought about my Grandma William’s peanut butter fudge in  years, but this morning it is in the fore front of my mind. It was so good. I can remember going to my grandparents house in Missouri for Christmas. It would seem like the trip would take FOREVER! I would think about the presents under the tree waiting for me, my family and cousins I would get to see and the food. My Grandma knew how to throw it down in the kitchen.peanut-butter-fudge

I don’t have the recipe for the fudge and I haven’t had it in years, but as I type this, I can smell and taste the sweet goodness. Oh, how I miss those days.  Sometimes I would give anything to go back to just one childhood Christmas.

I just love Blogging and I know a few other people who do too. To join in on the fun of the Christmas Blogging Challenge, I invite.

Always Peachy


Come And Rest Awhile

You can get the details and rules at Life of Tracie

12 Days Of Christmas Blogging


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