Seeing Red ~ My Thoughts On The Starbucks Red Cup Controversy


I can’t believe people are flipping out over a coffee cup. Apparently these people have no idea what real issues are. I don’t care if you believe in Jesus or pray to a tree, there is so much more important things going on in our world than the color and design of a Starbucks cup.

This controversy has me so angry, no make that, disgusted at our society.  If your Christmas or Holiday happiness is determined on how a business designs it cups, you have serious problems. I don’t go to Starbucks because I can’t bring myself to purchase a $7 coffee, but for people on social media to say they are boycotting Starbucks because of what a cup has or doesn’t have on it – blows my mind!

I have a marketing background and I read that Starbucks is saying they left the cups plain red so people can create their own Christmas stories. That makes sense. I can totally see that perspective on the marketing side of the house. Actually, I think it is pretty cool and I am a Christian, who says, “Merry Christmas.”

People will get “butt hurt” over any little thing. It’s a cup, that’s all. It is a piece of paper you will end up tossing in the trash. If the cups bother you that much, brew a cup of coffee at home and pour it into the most outrageous Merry Christmas mug you can find, then with the money you saved from not buying a high-priced cup of Joe, give it to a charitable organization to help others during the Christmas season. And the sad part about all this, is it is people who say they are Christians that are making such a fuss. Wow, what a great way to spread the love of Jesus around to non-believers, causing a riot over a damn cup. Yeah, that screams mercy and grace. And honestly, do you think Jesus himself really cares if his name or the word Christmas is on a cup? I sure don’t think so. So to all the haters out there, stop getting upset over stupid, trivial things. Put that effort into something positive and then you will see a world changed for the better.

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