Twitterversary ~ #what?

OnOne yeare of the first things I do when I wake up in the morning is check my phone. I usually go right to my inbox to check my email because I could have missed something through the overnight hours. Rarely does anything interesting pop up. I get my agenda for the day from my Google calendar, notifications from retailers I’ve made online purchases with and cool ideas from Pinterest that I will never do. But this morning as I flipped through my messages, one caught my eye. It was from Twitter and the subject read ~ Happy Twitterversary! I manage many Twitter accounts personally and professionally, so I started thinking, what account is celebrating  one year? I opened the message and I discovered it was Team Mallorie.

I’m not sure why and it may sound silly, but a wave of mixed emotions flooded me. I laid in bed and the feelings of Mallorie’s first stay in the hospital came rushing back. Then, I remembered that day one year ago my oldest daughter, Madison, made that account. We were in room 506. She was sitting on the bed next to the window. It was an overcast, cold day. There was still family and friends popping in and out of the room. Mallorie wasn’t showing many signs of sickness from her chemo treatments yet. And I remember Madison and I discussing what the Twitter name should be. Then, the discussion moved to profile picture and header. I chuckle that I can recall the details of December 18th so well. And this morning, as I continued to lay in bed, I reached down deep in my soul to figure out why this “Twitterversary” had me on the verge of tears.

There have been many times in this journey that I wished Team Mallorie never existed. If Mallorie never got sick ~ life would be so much better. No hospitals, no needles, no blood infusions, no tears, no fears, no scars, no chemo, no hair loss, no fighting, everything would be normal. But then, I started to feel joy. Yes, joy! During this whole experience I have seen Mallorie thrive. Of course, I guess it is easy to say that now because we are in a good place with her health. But watching Mallorie spread her wings and become a loving, compassionate, caring soul has brought me so much joy. How she has embraced the challenges of cancer and its side effects blows my mind. To watch her help and encourage others in their fight can not be described by words. And the positive effects this experience has had on my family is priceless. (Don’t get me wrong, we have had our struggles. Oh have we struggled. LOL!) And as far as Team Mallorie ~ I couldn’t be more proud and honored for the support, prayers and love received from all over the country. We have developed friendships that will last a life time. Relationships and opportunities we would have never been given if it wasn’t for cancer. And because of social media, we have been able to connect and share our journey and learn the story of so many others who fight the battle of cancer as well.

So in closing, this Twitteversary should be celebrated. We can be proud we have made it one year. By God’s healing power Mallorie is still in remission ~ heck I say she is cured! We can take this one year anniversary and rejoice in all we have been graciously given by our supporters and friends old and new. We can continue to pray for those who are still battling. We can reach out to those just starting their fight, reassuring them they are not alone. We get to feel compassion for others. And we pray daily for a cure. What a blessing! And I honestly don’t think I would change anything. So today, let’s celebrate! Happy Twitterversary Team Mallorie! #eatsomecake #fighter #oneyear #party #godisgood #cancersucks #findacure #weaintdoneyet #teammallorie #justkeepswimming


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