Frustrated Momma

What a rough night. This has probably been the hardest night Mallorie has had. She slept little, which means I slept none. She would moan and groan during the sleep she did get. Around 4am I checked her temperature and it was at 100.9. So I called the doctor to see what we needed to do. He told me that if it spiked to 101.5 within an hour to bring her to the ER.

When I last checked it about ten minutes ago, it was at 100.8. Glad it has not increased, but praying it will go down. We have  a lot going on today with Madison and Logan returning to school from break and me starting back to work today. I am frustrated because I badly want things to get better and I feel like this is a setback. I don’t have any words of wisdom or inspiring thoughts, I just ask for prayer and patience. I want my little girl well. I want to she her running around and laughing. I want to hear her and Madison argue. I want the fight of waking her up for school. (She is not a morning person.) I want to hear her running up the stairs. I want to hear her sing and tell me stories about her day. I miss that.

8 thoughts on “Frustrated Momma

  1. DeeDee ! Hang in their friend . I can’t imagine how I would cope with the challenges your facing right now ! I know i couldn’t even in my dreams be a better parent than you are . Thank you for sharing this experience with your Facebook friends . I notice you haven’t asked for help of any kind and that is admirable in many ways . If there is anyway that me or my family can help please let us know . You have a tough fight in front of you and I for one would do anything I could to help you and your family .

  2. Oh My heart breaks for you all! I am not a mom but I’ve seen how sickness and disease affects a family. You and your family are always in my prayers.

  3. Dee Dee I am grieving for your family that you are walking through this valley. I will be praying for all of you and I am here in any capacity you need.

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