More To The Story

My last post I wrote about my daughter, Mallorie, who is fighting leukemia. It has been the focus of my days, but this morning I was thinking of all the blessings I have. Even though Mallorie is sick and it sucks, I have five other children who are well and are doing some amazing things.I have three step-children. Robbie, Kaysee and Andrea. They are adults, but still bring much joy to our home. Robbie and his wife, Amy, are expecting their first child in January. I am so excited to meetmy granddaughter. They live in Oklahoma, where Robbie is stationed for the Air force. I am so proud of the adults they have become.

Kaysee is a blessing to me. She has this bubbly smile and precious attitude. She is currently going to college and works as a nanny. She and her boyfriend, Tyler, are doing well out on their own. It is wonderful to see your children soar.

Andrea is our spunky child. She will come over and visit before her college classes and we look forward to seeing her bright smile and hearing her stories. She is always laughing. Just thinking about her smile is making me smile as I type this. All three of them have touched my life. They pretty much rock!

Madison is my oldest child. She is 14 years-old and was the foundation that brought me to where I am today. Before I got pregnant with her, I had no direction in my life. I wasn’t going to college and had no plan for my future. But the moment I found out I was going to have a baby, something changed and I have never been the same. She is a freshman in high school, a great student and cheerleader. Her smile can light up a room. She is beautiful.

Then there is Logan. He is four and he knows he is the baby of all his siblings. Mallorie and Logan are best friends. He is so full of energy and life. He keeps me on my toes and brings a smile to my heart. He attends preschool and loves Skylanders. For only being four, he is so caring and kind. And his laugh is contagious.

I know I say it all the time, but I am blessed beyond measure. I read this tweet today from @God_Loved, “You have to get your mind going in a new direction because dwelling on negative thoughts will keep you from becoming all God has for you.” I choose to focus on all the positive things in my life, because as I discovered it is too short. Mallorie’s illness is important and serious, but there is so much more to focus on. The other children in our family our striving and doing great things. And I need to keep my focus on them as well because there is so much more to my story.

I close with this scripture. “Dear brothers and sisters, when troubles come your way, consider it an opportunity for great joy. For you know that when your faith is tested, your endurance has a change to grow.” James 1:2-3.


2 thoughts on “More To The Story

  1. Our whole family is praying for you! Logan and Anneshia, my granddaughter, are in the same class at church! I see you around church always positive and upbeat! Your blogs have really touched me as I struggle with a life altering event… Gained 3 other grands recently. While not life threatening, your blog helped me deal with my feelings! Thank you and may God bless Mallorie and your family!

  2. Dee Dee you are so blessed, and your giving the glory back to God. It is my prayer that you will find great joy beyond understanding in the trial. We continue to lift you up in prayer.

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