“I am going to punch today in the throat.”

I use this phrase many times throughout my day. I am not sure how I picked up that saying, probably from a movie or spending time with friends? I guess I could have read it somewhere or heard it in a song. It really doesn’t matter where I learned it, but it is certainly one of my go to options when something goes wrong, hear something I don’t agree with, or see stuff I don’t like. 

So what does the term, “throat punch” really mean? A throat punch is a proper figurative or literal response to utter foolishness. Well, at least that is what the internet told me. Here’s the thing, every morning I wake up and tell myself it is going to be a fantastic day. Nothing is going to go wrong. Every single item on my to-do list will get checked off, my kids will obey my every command, I will kiss my sweet husband on the cheek as he walks out the door for work, no one will cut me off in traffic and I will arrive to work with plenty of time to spare. And let’s not forget that every single person I come in contact with will be happy. There will be no conflicts. Today will be perfect. And for about two seconds it is, then I get out of bed.

For me, I allow the bad things to ruin my day. I let those things creep in and take away my joy. One little, irrelevant bad thing sets the course of my entire day.  That’s where the throat punching comes in. I don’t know about you, but I am sick of allowing things to bring me down. I read in my bible all the time about casting your worries on God, God is always with you, don’t invest in this world because it’s only temporary. And I know that is true (because the bible says so), but sometimes it is so hard not to toss in the towel. What sucks is that all the bad stuff that happens to us won’t go away, believer or non-believer. We are all targeted by the sin of this world. No matter who you are, that is one things this entire world has in common, life can really stink. 

However, it is good to know we are not alone when we go through rough times. Just yesterday I probably wanted to punch something in the throat ten times. I had a horrible morning. Seriously, I was ready to sell my kids, quit my job and move to a remote island somewhere. Ah, that would be nice. But I would probably get lonely and start annoying myself. I am glad I didn’t. As I was reading this morning, I came across something I had written in my prayer journal, “The world is like cotton candy. It is like air, but it is sweet. When you eat too much of it, you become sick.” What that means is, don’t take in what this world has to offer. Don’t rely on this world and allow the people in it define you. It will only cause you pain. Rely on God because what he has to offer taste better than cotton candy and you can eat all you want without ever puking. 

In the long list of negativity we create in our minds, there is bound to be wonderful things mixed in. And if you really evaluate that list, the good things will probably outweigh the bad. Unless you are on a pity pot. If that is the case I encourage you to get off it, because you will never see anything positive from there. 

Get up and grab your coffee, Red Bull, tea, smoothie or beverage of choice and take control of your day. Reach for the things only God can give. Take this day by the collar and give it a stellar throat punch. 


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